a diverse and inclusive coalition of CLIMATE CH2AMPIONS

We are scientists and engineers, CEOs and students, teachers and nurses, parents and caregivers, futurists and adventurers. As the world focusses on recovery, we’re using this once-in-a-generation opportunity to raise our voices and say we want a clean energy transition, with hydrogen at its core!

We are a global coalition calling for more investment in cleaner, hydrogen technologies. We recognise that more investment in hydrogen would have a far-reaching effect on our everyday lives and lead to better air quality, less pollution and cleaner cities.

The CLIMATE CH2AMPION campaign is supported by the Hydrogen Council.

We support the global transition to clean, safe and affordable energy for the future, enabled by hydrogen.

You can be one, too!​

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We have the power to avert the next global crisis: #climatechange. It's time for governments to invest in our long-term economic wellbeing & radically reset our #energy system with #hydrogen and other #cleantech solutions. Time to be a #CLIMATECH2AMPION https://www.climatech2ampion.org