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We don’t want to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, only to be faced with the next one: climate change. Right now, our governments are investing trillions into the global economic recovery, including the energy systems that will continue to power our lives and our economies into the future. We can choose a more sustainable way of doing things.

Now is the time to create a new climate of positive change in the world.



To have a positive impact on climate change, we need to transform our energy system. To transform our energy system, we need hydrogen.

Hydrogen is the missing piece of the energy puzzle. It has the unique ability to connect different energy solutions and empower the kind of energy system we want for the future. Combined with renewable energy sources, hydrogen can power zero-carbon economies.

Four surprising facts about hydrogen:​

Sun, wind, biomass, tides, waves and geothermal heat: nature is its own powerhouse of energy and is in perpetual, plentiful supply. We have to unlock the full potential of renewable technologies by investing in their unlimited capacity to produce hydrogen so they can be used in abundance.

Hydrogen will be a breath of fresh air for our cities. Current congestion and traffic has resulted in suffocating our cities. Hydrogen breathes new life into our transport systems. And, more importantly, into our lungs. Let’s get to where we want to go – a clean air future for us all.

Mankind has always been great at making things. But now we need to manufacture a new energy economy. We need to build sustainable industries for the future by powering them with hydrogen. Which in turn will be used to produce more clean materials for our cleaner economies.

Investing in hydrogen will be a powerful generator of jobs. As hydrogen becomes increasingly part of the power solutions for the 21st century, new transport and infrastructure technologies will have to be designed and built to utilise the power of hydrogen. Generating jobs that in turn generate well-being. A healthy economy is one that is full of healthy workers. Hydrogen delivers both. 


We all want to be part of the solution. What can we do?


We have the power to avert the next global crisis: #climatechange. It's time for governments to invest in our long-term economic wellbeing & radically reset our #energy system with #hydrogen and other #cleantech solutions. Time to be a #CLIMATECH2AMPION

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