The Coronavirus crisis is a wake-up call. We are not invincible. Our world is not inexhaustible. We all want to live in a better, cleaner world. We don’t want to overcome this crisis, only to be faced with the next one: climate change.

We can make a difference. Right now, our governments are investing trillions into the global economic recovery, including the energy systems that will continue to power our lives and our economies into the future. We can choose a more sustainable way of doing things.  So, what are we waiting for?

To have a positive impact on climate change, we need to transform our energy system. To transform our energy system, we need hydrogen. This is the missing piece of the energy puzzle.

Why should this matter to you?

Collectively, we can rise up and do better. Now is the time to create a new climate of positive change in the world.


You can be a part of this global movement to raise awareness about the need to transform our current global energy system. This will ensure we address today’s climate emergency and build a better future. We are calling upon governments to support and invest in the energy revolution, with hydrogen at the core. If we put in place the hydrogen powered systems that will serve us better in the future, together we can put both the climate and the economy back on track for generations to come.

4 surprising facts about hydrogen

1. Unleash the power of renewables with Hydrogen

Sun, wind, biomass, tides, waves and geothermal heat: nature is its own powerhouse of energy and is in perpetual, plentiful supply. But sometimes sometimes even nature has its limits. Hydrogen can solve some of renewables’ biggest challenges. Top of that list is moving energy affordably to places where continuous sun and wind are not always available. Hydrogen has clear advantages over other energy carriers, for example being able to store large quantitites for a long time.

2. Hydrogen can clean up the air in our cities

Hydrogen will be a breath of fresh air for our cities. Transport accounts for approximately a quarter of all global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions – resulting in urban pollution and major impacts on our climate. Hydrogen can breathe new life into our transport systems, by radically reducing carbon emissions. By 2050, hydrogen-powered vehicles could save up to 68 million tonnes of fuel and eliminate almost 200 million tonnes of carbon emissions. Let’s get to where we want to go – a clean air future for us all.

3. Hydrogen will create jobs

Investing in hydrogen will be a powerful generator of jobs. As hydrogen becomes increasingly part of the power solutions for the 21st century, new transport and infrastructure technologies will have to be designed and built to utilise the power of hydrogen. This could translate into 30 million jobs by 2050, and a $2.5 trillion annual revenue boost to economies worldwide. In addition, since hyrdrogen works hand-in-hand with renewables and battery electric technologies, these industries would also benefit from scaling up the hydrogen economy. This means generating jobs that in turn generate wellbeing. A healthy economy is one that is full of healthy workers. Hydrogen delivers both.

4. Reset manufacturing with Hydrogen

Mankind has always been great at making things. But now we need to manufacture a new energy economy. We need to build sustainable industries for the future by powering them with hydrogen. Hydrogen can reduce carbon emissions in the production of practically everything in our lives: our food, our homes, our mobile devices and much more. There’s hardly any aspect of modern manufacturing where hydrogen cannot play a significant role in reducing industrial pollution.

Who we are ​

We are a diverse and inclusive coalition of CLIMATE CH2AMPIONS. We are scientists and engineers, CEOs and students, teachers and nurses, parents and caregivers, futurists and adventurers. We are a global coalition calling for more investment in cleaner, hydrogen technologies. We recognise that more support and investment in hydrogen would have a far-reaching effect on our everyday lives and lead to better air quality, less pollution and cleaner cities. The CLIMATE CH2AMPION campaign is supported by the Hydrogen Council.

The time for industry, governments and investors to tap into the potential of hydrogen is now.

But no one can do this alone. Your support is needed. Will you become a #CLIMATECH2AMPION today and spread the word? Tell your colleagues, family and friends about the climate emergency and about hydrogen as a key solution.