The CLIMATE CH₂AMPION movement begins TODAY!

Today we launch the CLIMATE CH₂AMPION movement!

Do you care about our world and want to see a better future for tomorrow and for generations to come? Do you want to do something about climate change? Want to be part of a diverse and inclusive coalition of people who support a clean energy transition?

What is this? The largest-ever public hydrogen campaign backed by 90+ organisations with one mission: advance the clean energy movement.

With trillions of dollars going into the post-COVID economic recovery, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure Hydrogen is part of the global energy transition conversation. Why Hydrogen? Hydrogen is a key solution to unlock clean energy: it can solve some of renewable energy’s biggest challenges, helping to move energy affordably to where it’s needed – when sun and wind are not available.

We support the global transition to clean, safe and affordable energy for the future, enabled by hydrogen.

Keen to learn more? Dig deeper with our pocket guides and sign up for new updates!

How can you be a true CLIMATE CH₂AMPION? Spread the word and make a call to action!

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