Imagine for a minute… a better future with hydrogen

Greta Thunberg, Nico Rosberg, Pope Francis, Christina Figueres and António Guterres are among the names who published a short film last week titled #Imaginefor1minute, to ask viewers around the world to take a minute to visualise a better future. The short film aims to start a conversation about what this better future could be like. As #CLIMATECH2AMPION organisations and individuals, we think that, to have a better future and a positive impact on climate change, we need to transform our energy system. To transform our energy system, we need hydrogen. As the missing piece of the energy puzzle, it has the unique ability to connect different energy solutions and empower the kind of clean and resilient energy system we want for the future. Combined with renewable energy sources, hydrogen can power zero-carbon economies. Take a minute to think about what hydrogen can do for your future and the future of your children… [Watch here]

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